Getting the Most Out of Our Services

Here at The Options Edge LLC, our goal is to educate our members and subscribers so they can achieve their financial goals by maximizing their risk-adjusted returns. Some of what we offer is commons sense. But value-added proposition is put our subscribers in the path of great ideas. Should our readers agree with our thesis and wish to take action, we suggest different ways to structure a trade.

To express a bullish view, we always have the alternative of buying a stock or ETF. Many of our subscribers are only looking for ideas available in the stock market. We think options are one of the most powerful financial instruments that allow investors to create leverage, and produce returns with a particular payoff pattern, or simply limit risk. Our goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns on both a trade-by-trade and overall portfolio basis. We cannot guarantee success, of course, but we believe the methods we employ, which have been developed over many years of practice, put the odds in our favor. As part of that process, we show our subscribers how they can use options in combinations (e.g. time, price and diagonal spreads) to improve the potential for success.

This all designed to make our subscribers better investors. Ultimately, we want them to master the skills we use every day so that they can achieve their financial goals. To that end, we talk about the following subjects:

  • Investment Philosophy
  • Application of Investment Theory
  • Methods for practicing the craft of investing (fundamental & technical)
  • Highlight investment ideas for self-directed investors to consider for their portfolios
  • Incorporate options analytics to express superior trades.

It is very important for our readers to use the information we publish as the first step in their investment process. Whether you are a subscriber or a casual reader, it is important to extend our work and do your own homework & research.

There are elements of our work that focuses on long-term strategic investing. Suggestions focusing on country-specific ETF’s is a good example of this. But readers will find the bulk of our work focused on tactical trades with investment horizons from 1 to 9 months. After we bring a trade to our subscriber’s attention, we follow that situation to its conclusion. We will suggest exiting a trade for 3 basic reasons.

  • The trade has reached its objective.
  • The options used to construct a trade are going to expire. Upon close examination, we will either recommend closing the trade, letting the options expire, exercise our option, taking assignment or rolling the options into a new trade.
  • Closing a trade early to stem additional losses as a risk management endeavor.

Risk management is also important. Since we talk about opportunities on a trade-by-trade basis, it is important for investors to create a balanced portfolio by managing the size of individual trades, diversifying across sectors with a balance of bullish and bearish ideas.

In the final analysis, our readers are responsible for the decisions they make. Furthermore, they must incorporate only those methods and ideas that are consistent with their investment philosophy, emotional temperament and risk tolerance. We see our job as one of an educator. We are here to help you become better investors. It is important to remember that investing is a challenging, time-consuming endeavor. At the same time, it tries one’s ego and emotions. Every honest investor makes mistakes from time to time. It is important to remember that we can think through our analysis and come to a very logical conclusion, only to learn that the markets will do otherwise and the idea suffers a loss.

We offer a number of services to both educate and help people achieve their investment goals. Some of these services are complimentary and focus on the dissemination of information, education, and macro themes. Some services are provided on a subscription basis. These services get into the specifics of investment ideas. Finally, some services are structured as “Fee for Service” provided on a customized basis. We summarize those services below.

  • Asset Management.
  • Investment Consulting
  • Guest Speaking Guest

For those who want to see what we have to offer, we suggest you review our track record and read our free content which includes examples of ideas we have shared in the past. Furthermore, we encourage you to watch our voice over presentations where we present our investment process.

We are options experts and we want our subscribers to up their game and develop their expertise as well. We encourage you to buy a copy of our book “The Options Edge.” With that purchase, you will also get a 1-month subscription to our online service.

If our methods, process, and ideas resonate with you and are consistent with your process and temperament, we would welcome you as a subscriber. We offer an annual subscription for just $1.00 a day. To do so, you can click the button below or navigate to the subscription page from the menu above.

If you are looking for consulting or asset management services, or you are a RIA who would like an educational program for your team and/or customers, please call or email us with the details (when, where, how many people, level of sophistication, desired topics, etc.)

Alternatively, if you would simply like us to come speak at one of your corporate events or investor club meetings, email or call us today.




Image Source | Gerd Altmann, Pexels.Com