Brad Holt

Brad Holt is a senior research analysts and product manager for The Options Edge, with over 20 years of data analysts and program management experience. Brad started his career at Dell, Inc. as a data analysts and moved to program management responsible for hardware deployment services. For the past 6 years, Brad has worked with many organizations as a Program Manager.

Brad has developed a host of quantitative skills he now applies to the development of financial market analytics and risk management.  Brad joined The Option Edge team in 2016 to help with the design and development of the organization’s website and the delivery of tools designed to create discipline around the organizations investment process.

Brad has worked with Michael Khouw in a number of capacities to help with research and modeling in the equity markets. Using Python and R for Finance, Brad has built and used several models that help identify trading opportunities.

Since January of 1999, Brad has been an active self-directed investor, focusing on commodities, equity and index derivatives.  Brad holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Carrie and daughter Elizabeth.