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News & Actionable Investment Ideas

Finding great ideas is about research and discipline implemented in a routine repeatable process. Our process rests on the convergence of three disciplines. We look for (1) Fundamentals & Valuation, (2) Price Action and (3) Investor Sentiment to share a common message, either bullish or bearish, to uncover promising opportunities with acceptable odds for success. Whether you are a high net-worth individual with support from an investment advisor or simply a self-directed investor looking for ideas to safely grow your wealth, we can assist you in finding great investment ideas for you to pursue. For these investors we offer “The Options Edge News & Investment Idea Service.” 

Finding a good idea is not enough for durable and consistent success. How an idea is expressed is just as critical for maximizing risk-adjusted returns. Sometimes the best way to take advantage of an idea is to simply buy a stock, ETF, etc. and hold it for a long-term capital gain with a “stop-loss” to exit the position if circumstances change. Price often moves before the news so we use these clues to help us make trading decisions when possible.

Every investor knows that stocks, ETFs, etc. make huge “gap” moves. When a stock rises or falls so sharply that a stop loss cannot be executed, the investor has to decide if the price is at such an extreme that it makes sense to simply hold on. We like to avoid this possibility if and when possible. Here at TheOptionsEdge.Com, we are options experts, with close to 30 years of experience between us. We generally prefer using a combination of options to “pre-package” risk when the trade is placed. This way, if a stock blows up, we do not suffer the full brunt of the adverse move.

Sometimes deciding when to sell an investment is just as difficult as placing that investment in the first place. After we introduce our readers to an idea, we publish follow-up analysis when it is appropriate to do so to keep our readers informed of changes in fundamentals and/or market conditions that warrant a change in strategy if any. But with options, trades have a predefined lifespan. We select times to expiration to match catalysts or to complement the longer-term strategy we might suggest. For example, if we suggest selling cash covered puts or stock covered calls or spreads, we tend to use times to expiration of 1 or 2 months. When we suggest buying puts or call or spreads we tend to buy longer-dated options. We do this because short-dated options decay in price faster than longer-dated ones. We then decide to exit or roll at the time of expiration.

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Investment Advisory & Consulting Services

Many high net-worth investors want more support than our News & Investment Idea Services while still keeping total control of their assets. For these folks, we can create a customized package of Investment and Advisory Consulting Services.  For the high-net-worth individual, these services might include an analysis of your current financial condition and the development of an investment and savings plan designed to meet your particular needs and goals. Alternatively, it may focus on certain investments within their portfolio that require dealer scrutiny.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) often need assistance in the use of options to enhanced the returns and yield of their client’s portfolios. We work with RIAs to design customized analysis that is consistent with their investment style and risk tolerances of their client base. Furthermore, RIAs are often looking for ways to deepen their relationships with their clients. We assist in this process by helping RIAs educate their clients in seminar and webinar formats. These education events are tailored to the needs and sophistication of the groups to be addressed.

Institutional Hedging Overlay & Asset Management Services

We have a two-pronged offering to for the institutional investor. Some institutional investors need help in finding an optimal hedge for either an individual position or an entire portfolio. We provide outsourced analytical services to institutional investors using hybrid optimization tools designed to find the best solution when there are 100s of millions of potential solutions. In a portfolio context, the hedging solution is designed to preserve the alpha generated from security selection, while reducing volatility driven by overall market risk. On an individual position content, hybrid optimization can deliver a payoff structure that is both consistent with the investment thesis and the investors risk tolerances.

Many options strategies are particularly well suited for investors who want to minimize their exposure to the overall market direction. We can work with institutional investors to help construct low or zero beta portfolios and/or contract and manage such a portfolio given the appropriate level of delegated authority.

Speaking Engagements

Need guest speakers to appear at corporate events? Mike and Mark are available to speak at corporate events designed to educate and entertain your clients. We discuss the general investment environment and options trading strategies designed to capitalize on an investment thesis. If you are an investment advisor, looking for education and ideas, you have come to the right place.

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