The Weeks Earnings Announcements

Earnings season is picking up and we anxiousy await what companies have to say. Will earinings flatline? If so, the bears may take control once again. Will earnings move higher? The bulls sure hope so. Here is an interesting tidbit. Mainstream economists and financial pundits said the tariffs would cause price inflation. Well. it is not showing up in the numbers yet. Since imports is a small fraction of overall GDP, such concerns may be unfounded.

The following are Earnings Estimates for Companies Reporting Through the Week. If you own any of these names in your portfolio, be sure to keep an eye on their announcements.

Monday 14-January-2019

Tuesday 15-January-2019

Wednesday 16-January-2019

Thursday 17-January-2019

Friday 18-January-2019



Image Source | RawPexel.Com, Pexels.Com