The Week Ahead 03/05/2018

What to Watch for this Week

Global Spotlight

  • Trump, Man of Steel. This week the United States is expected to place 25 percent and 10 percent tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, respectively, as the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump tries to follow through with some of its protectionist promises.
  • A Tale of Two Sessions. In China, Feb. 25 marked the beginning of the end for the two-term constitutional cap for the president and vice president.
  • Russia’s Guns, No Butter. Russia unveiled a large number of strategic weapons during President Vladimir Putin’s state-of-the-nation speech on March 1. These weapons are designed to be able to penetrate and defeat U.S. missile defenses into the future.
  • A Traveling Prince. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is kicking off a traveling tour of Egypt, the United Kingdom and France, as he looks to drum up support for investment from Europeans while discussing regional challenges with allies in Egypt.

Economic Calendar

Here is a list of the U.S. economic events happenning this week.


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