Going to Pot

Thanks once again to everyone who attended our presentation at the Traders Expo in NY yesterday. We were very proud to see a record crowd and impressed by the level of sophistication the attendees brought to the table. The questions were just terrific and so was the hours-long conversation after the presentation.

We have attended and given talks at a number of conferences this past year and one of the "themes" if you will, is the story of recreational and medicinal cannabis. Companies that are in the business of growing, refining, producing and retailing everything from CBD, which is an oil that helps reduce pain and inflammation. There is also some evidence it helps people quit smoking and epilepsy and disorders that are linked to epilepsy, such as neurodegeneration, neuronal injury, and psychiatric diseases.

We are not doctors so we do not have an opinion one way or another about the recreational or medicinal benefits of the plant. All we can do is take a look at the economics surrounding the industry and make an assessment on the "investability" of the industry. Since this industry was a topic of conversation at recent conferences we thought we might opine about the profit opportunities.

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