Portfolio Update (7-October-2017)

We present our ideas here at TheOptionsEdge.Com and we identify this portfolio as the TOE Trades. In 2016 and 2017 we wrote for Action Alerts Options over at TheStreet.Com. We identify this portfolio as the AAO Trades.  The following table summarizes the performance of all our ideas since we started publishing in 2016. We have broken up the analysis into three sub-components. (1) Trades that are still open, (2) Trades that were closed so far in 2017, and (3) those trades that were closed in 2016.

Computing return for options trades in a manner that is comparable to a stock portfolio is somewhat challenging. Some people like to compare gains and losses to the price of the underlying security. By this method, the average annualized return enjoyed was 5.2%. It is worth noting that this method has far less risk as the underlying stock, as the options strategies we use generally have limited risk compared to a stock holding. An alternative method is to compare the gains and losses on the options trades to the Capital at Risk. This method is closer to the risk of holding stocks but it tends to be more volatile. By this measure, the tactical portfolio generated an annualized return of 22.1%.

Those evaluating our services should recognize that if one invested in 1 spread in every trade suggestion we made so far this year, one would have made 11.5 (4,182/365) times the cost of an annual the subscriptions. And, one would get a copy of our Best Selling Book on Options “The Options Edge,” with their first-year annual subscription. We hope to push that performance further by year-end. In addition, they would have become a more thoughtful investor be reading our general market and investment thought commentary. 

For more on how we calculate returns, click here.

You probably want to know more about the individual trades we made, particularly if you are evaluating our service for the first time. The following links will take you to tables that summarize the ideas we have discussed. Those tables will have the date of trade initiation, prices at which the trade was recommended and the closing prices. This leads us to the profit on a trade by trade basis. The performance of the closed trades is available for everyone to evaluate. The summary of open trades is strictly reserved for our subscribers.